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"I saw an immediate increase in conversions on our mobile site after adding in the Banana Splash solution. Amazing tool."
Shai Truchman Country Manager, Spark Networks - JDate
We run dozens of tests every month at The Next Web. Thanks to Banana Splash’s platform we’re seeing great results on all mobile devices and a great increase in conversion rates.
Martijn Scheijbeler Director of Marketing, The Next Web
It’s amazing how significantly Banana Splash has improved our mobile traffic performance. It has converted casual mobile visitors into actual online bookings. It took just 5 minutes to set it up
Jonathan Tal Co-Founder of GoEco

Deliver the right offer
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  • Intelligent audience profiling
  • Optimize across funnels & across domains
  • Easily launch AB tests in minutes
  • Personalize according to device, traffic sources, gender and more
  • Dynamic content replacement
  • Automatically distribute reports for your team
  • Powerful behavioral Segmentation
  • Leverage existing reporting platforms
  • Personalize for new versus returning visitors

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